Scar Solutions

Minor scars are common place for most, typically resulting from an injury, surgery or other skin damage. Scars are a natural part of the healing process and, as such, virtually all wounds leave some degree of scarring on the victim. Areas of scarring can result in a lack of hair growth in affected areas, resistance to UV radiation and an inability to produce sweat in the immediate region.

Early, effective treatment of common scar-inducing conditions such as acne, stretch marks, burns and open wounds can help prevent permanent scarring. Collagen induction therapy, chemical peels, fillers, laser treatments and radiotherapy are among the most common treatments and can be administered by dermatologists in as few as one treatment.

Laser Treatments

Acne and surgical scars can be effectively minimized through the use of laser light procedures. For these dermatologist-administered skin treatments, pulses of light break down scar tissue and encourage healthy tissue growth. Laser treatments can be used on all skin types and tones, and deliver more immediate results than traditional topical solutions with less risk and fewer adverse side effects.

Scar Guard

Scarguard offers a host of products designed to treat acne, surgery and injury-based scars as well as discoloration. This powerful treatment combines topical silicone, cortisone and vitamin E to shrink scar tissue, reduce new scar growth and soften the immediate area to improve skin’s texture and overall appearance.

Scarguard is available for purchase at retailers such as Walgreen’s, Wal-Mart, or Amazon.

Scar Revision

Designed to reduce the signs of scarring following significant injuries or emergent procedures, Scar Revision may involve topical skin treatments, minimally invasive procedures and/or surgical remedies with advanced wound closure. Scar Revision aids in the healing process while minimizing scar tissue and helping affected skin regain tonal and textural consistency. This professional treatment is available for scars virtually anywhere on the body and, while it cannot fully erase a scar, can greatly improve the look and feel of damaged skin.

Revision surgeries are performed after consult with a physician and may be considered “elective” by certain insurance carriers.

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