Chin Augmentation / Implant

Facial rejuvenation is not only about reversing the effects of age and maturity upon one’s face and form. Sometimes a person would like to change a facial feature that can be perceived as too large, too weak or imbalanced. Augmenting features can easily be done with plastic surgery to match the specifications desired by any person.

An area of the face that is widely prominent upon viewing in both head on presentation or profiles is the chin. Chin augmentation is chosen by many to sculpt an appearance to counteract features such as a weak chin, larger nose or an imbalanced profile.

Even though the chin is highly visible to others, the surgical process is not. An expert will make a small incision inside the cavern of the mouth in order to place a silicone implant. This type of facial sculpting is quickly done for most people in the space of thirty minutes. The improved results are immediately visible for presentation without any signs of scarring to an observer.

People have chosen chin augmentations in order to appear stronger and more appealing to an audience. Weak jaw lines can be perceived with weak personalities by a public audience. A chin augmentation is a simple fix for improving public presentations. People also choose chin augmentations to balance out a profile that may be undesirable. Symmetry in today’s perception is associated with beauty. For those seeking symmetry, chin augmentation is a wonderful solution.

Chin augmentations are also used to make noses appear smaller. Compared to Rhinoplasty, which is a nose reconstruction, chin augmentation is less complicated and less invasive as a procedure. Rhinoplasty has its place for facial sculpting and rejuvenation and works wonders when needed and applied correctly. Chin augmentation by comparison is quickly and efficiently done with a speedy recovery time.