Lightbox Psoriasis Excimer Laser


This highly-effective treatment delivers ultraviolet light to localized areas of affected skin, sending intense, targeted rays to control and treat psoriasis. This treatment typically yields the best results in patients with mild to moderate psoriasis, and can be used effectively without damaging healthy skin surrounding the impacted patches. This therapy is similar to traditional light treatments, but requires fewer sessions—and stronger doses—that reach deeper into problem skin. Excimer Lasers are a preferred treatment method for patients with psoriasis on elbows, hands, soles of feet and scalp.

PUVA Treatments

PUVA utilizes two effective psoriasis treatments, psoralen and UVA light. Psoralen makes skin more sensitive to light, and helps the effectiveness of the UVA rays in breaking down and clearing psoriasis. This photochemotherapy treatment is often prescribed when psoriasis does not respond to other topical treatments, or is widespread throughout the body. Approximately 25 treatments over a 2-3 month period are required for maximum results, typically issued 2-3 times per week. The majority of patients—as many as 90%—reported clear skin following PUVA treatment.

UVB Therapy

One of the most commonly prescribed psoriasis treatments for psoriasis, UVB phototherapy works by penetrating the skin and slowing the growth of affected cells. Treatment involves exposing skin to an artificial UVB light source—either broad or narrow—over multi-week treatments for 2-3 months. Low-level flare-ups may occur during UVB therapy, but can be treated with topical or oral anti-inflammatories during the process.